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Membership in Mission Zero Hundred Hours is free. Create your membership account and sign up for our events. Members receive achievements for participating in our community. Cooking contests, volunteering, and community involvement are ways to unlock achievements and earn MZHH ranks.

Mzhh events

We host cooking contests, and deploy to cooking contests, that pair veterans with professional cooking teams. We’re always looking for volunteers and Veterans to join our mission to ZERO. If you’d like to join our mission as a Veteran, volunteer, or cook team, check our calendar of events.

Featured mzhh members

sgt. carlin

Sgt. Carlin embodies the MZHH spirit. An Army Airborne Infantry Veteran, he’s deployed 3 times with MZHH, volunteered, and is a member of the S&G BBQ team.

S&G BBQ Team

S&G BBQ Team is the recipient of the 2020 MZHH Silver Smoke Award. They coined “We’ve Got Charlie” and was the mission mantra for 2020 deployments.

Cpt. Jacobs

Cpt. Jacobs, an Army Combat Engineer Veteran and Purple Heart Recipient, seems to win everytime he cooks. He’s currently starting his own BBQ Team.

Red, White & Bacon BBQ Team

This newer team, led by two Army veterans, and an F3 member, has started strong and taken home hardware and cold hard cash in prize money.

The Mission To Zero

Currently 20 Veterans a day sucomb to suicide. We feel this number should be ZERO.

In military time 00:00 (Zero Hundred Hours) is the start of a new day. Mission Zero Hundred Hours, in it’s name, is the start of a new day for many struggling Veterans.

help is needed for all veterans

Since the majority of Veterans are older, the majority of suicides are also among older Veterans. Nearly 60 percent or veteran suicide in 2018 were from individuals 60 and older

an unknown growing national crisis

About 20 Veterans a day across the country take their own lives. Veterans accounted for 14 percent of all adult suicide deaths in the U.S. in 2017, even though only 8 percent of the country’s population has served in the military.

affecting our youngest veterans

The suicide rate of Veterans aged 18 to 34 steadily increased from 2006 to 2016, with a jump of more than 10 percent from 2015 to 2016. that translates to 45 deaths per 100,000 veterans, the highest of any age group.

effects & impacts family and friends

A survey by Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America found that more than half of their members know a post-September 11 service member who has committed suicide.

what drives us

Our Mission

We believe competition BBQ can provide a familiar, structured, and mission centric environment to Veterans, that helps struggling vets channel their energies toward healthy goals and finding a new support network through the extended Competition BBQ Family.

Veterans have the opportunity to cook with teams as part of our effort and mission to raise awareness and end Veteran Suicide; by embedding Veterans with BBQ Cook Teams for an immersive BBQ Mission.

MZHH provides deployed Veterans with transportation, housing, dinner, breakfast, financial assistance, mission supplies, and a competition prize purse while cooking with competition BBQ teams.

Get Involved

As a 501(c)(3) non profit organization, volunteers are core to our mission success. Volunteers help with event coordination, deployments, logistics, Veteran services, team and judge coordination, fundraising, technology, and organization internal operations. We’re always looking for volunteers to join our mission

Upcoming Events

Our Program

BBQ Saves Lives

Our initial program, pairs vets with professional BBQ teams across the country for a BBQ Mission which re-introduces vets to mission, value, team, family, and community.

The process of cooking competition BBQ is very mission centric. Over the course of a BBQ contest, vets get to re-connect with all the goals that make them who they are. Preparation. Task lists. Team. Mission Completion. Contributing. Selflessness. Family.

BBQ contests have a very clearly defined beginning and end, with success criteria and results. You have the adrenaline of competing, and completing tasks. At the end of a contest we hope vets find a new family and support network within the BBQ community bigger and better that the military one they had!

MZHH Missions

Our BBQ Saves Lives program success is driven through cooking competitions and contest deployments currently across the Chicagoland area and upper midwest.

Our MZHH hosted event series, Saluting With Smoke, offers a unique and patriotic barbeque experience as a series of BBQ cooking competitions that pair vets with competition cooking teams. Teams can compete in one, or all events, to be crowned the series champion.

Our MZHH team deployments focus on events run by outside organizers, and a smaller number of Veterans deployed.  These deployments are a great way for first time MZHH deployed vets to experience competition cooking. Many vets have deployed multiple times with our team.